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Margot’s ‘ridiculous’ bedroom habit

Margot Robbie has opened up her bizarre bedroom habit.

The I, Tonya star revealed on the Five Things with Lynn Hirschberg podcast that she still sleeps with a stuffed bunny.

When asked to name something that been very impressive, inspirational on her life, Robbie answered: "I'll say my bunny that I've had since I was born that I still sleep with every night."

Robbie said that the toy, which she named 'bunny' as a child, is "kind of filthy by this point".

"Maybe once a year when my mum comes to visit she'll give her (bunny) a bath and restitch her up wherever she's falling apart," she said on the podcast.


Margot Robbie at the premiere of her new movie,
Margot Robbie at the premiere of her new movie, "Bombshell". Picture: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP


The Aussie star went on to reveal that her husband Tom Ackerley isn't exactly thrilled about having to share the bed with a bunny every night.

"He always throws bunny out of the bed," Robbie said. "He thinks it's obviously a tad ridiculous that I still sleep with bunny. Maybe he's a little jealous that bunny gets pride of place in the bed.

"He thinks I'm asleep and he'll throw bunny out of the bed and I get so cross with him. I'm like, 'Don't you throw her out!'"

On the podcast Robbie also told host Lynn Hirschberg about a secret spot she escapes to whenever the crazy world of showbiz gets a bit too much for her.

"I have this treehouse … I won't say where," the Suicide Squad star said.

Margot Robbie with husband Tom Ackerley. Picture: Instagram @alpha_meows
Margot Robbie with husband Tom Ackerley. Picture: Instagram @alpha_meows

"If I ever need to get away I go to this treehouse. It's pretty high, it's pretty small. It's in the very middle of a country in Europe. It's super random."

The treehouse, which even has a bathroom, was discovered by her husband and Robbie said she spends a few days up there at a time.