Mariam Veiszadeh now the target of US anti-Islam site

WHEN Mariam Veiszadeh expressed her relief that a relentless campaign of online anti-Islamic hate was behind her a week ago, little did she know the worst was yet to come.

Yet it set in motion a string of events that would bring her to the brink of tears in realising just how accepting of Muslims the vast majority of Australians are.

The prominent Muslim human rights activist was subjected to a torrent of online abuse from early January, when the unashamedly anti-Islam Australian Defence League seized some of her tweets and used them to inflame bigotry among its 5000 Facebook followers.

Last week, one of the worst alleged offenders, a 22-year-old Ipswich woman, was charged with harassment but in telling her story to Fairfax Media, Ms Veiszadeh could not have envisaged it would ignite the most vitriolic hate campaign against her yet.

The article was seized on by the United States anti-Islam site The Daily Stormer, which urged its vast readership to virtually harass her.