Marijuana used to self-medicate after tree falls on man

LEFT with permanent back pain after a tree fell on him 20 years ago, a Fraser Coast man turned to marijuana for pain relief when he was unable to cope with the side effects of prescription medication.

Dennis Warren Bartlett, 48, pleaded guilty to possessing utensils, possessing dangerous drugs and producing dangerous drugs when he appeared before Maryborough Magistrates Court on Monday.

The court heard police had executed a search warrant at Bartlett's home.

There they had found 125 grams of cannabis, most of which was poor quality leaves, the court was told.

In addition, six small cannabis plants 30cm or less in height were also found, along with water pipes.

Defence lawyer Morgan Harris said Bartlett had been co-operative with police and there were no allegations of producing the drugs for commercial use.

He said Bartlett used cannabis to self-medicate.

When he was 27 a tree had fallen on him, Mr Harris said.

Bartlett suffered a back injury and had tried to use prescription medicine to treat it.

But the use of pharmaceuticals "disagreed" with him, Mr Harris said.

Bartlett ran his own business, Mr Harris said, and would go back to his doctor to discuss how to manage his pain.

Bartlett was fined $900 and no conviction was recorded.