The Block Triple Threat hopefuls Mark and Jess.
The Block Triple Threat hopefuls Mark and Jess. Channel 9

Mark and Jess first to go on The Block Triple Threat

MARK and JJ (aka Jess) were the first team sent home from The Block Triple Threat tonight.

The Sydney couple failed to impress judges Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer with their bedroom makeover.

The show's six new teams, introduced in last night's debut, were tasked with making over a dingy South Yarra apartment over three rounds.

They had just 24 hours to renovate a bedroom, and in the tough elimination process only ended up spending two days on the reality show's 10th season.

"Everyone in there is really skilled and have an eye for detail so they deserve to be there," Jess said.

"It was fun. It was a good adventure.

"I don't think TV's for us."

Mark and JJ's renovated bedroom.
Mark and JJ's renovated bedroom.

While Mark and JJ's wallpapered feature wall was praised by the judges, their mish-mash of styles was too jarring and chaotic.

In contrast, fellow Sydneysiders Josh and Charlotte emerged as early frontrunners with their subtle styling.

The standard of the first rooms delivered by the novice Blockheads was high, with the judges saying several bedrooms could have won a room reveal.

The remaining five teams will now have just 48 hours to renovate their living/dining spaces.


Triple Threat Elimination Round 1 scores

Josh and Charlotte: 17.5

Aimee and Brooke: 17

Ayden and Jess: 16.5

Luke and Ebony: 15

Tim and Anastasia: 14.5

Mark and JJ: 14