Chicken on the menu for crocs after rangers change bait

THE pair of crocs in the Mary River will get a protein boost after the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection changed their menu.

The EHP had previously set traps using wild pig as bait but the cros weren't biting.

EHP director for wildlife Rebecca Williams said efforts to capture the two crocodiles were continuing.

"The traps are checked on a daily basis and the bait is replaced weekly," she said.

Ms Williams said the most common bait used to capture crocodiles is wild pig but a change of food was needed.

"During the winter months as their metabolism slows crocodiles will eat much less food," she said.

"Chicken represents a smaller prey item and may prove more attractive as bait at this time of year."

On July 18, ranger Greg O'Neill was one of two wildlife officers who confirmed a second crocodile in the river when they spotted it floating near the resident "Mary Croccins" close to the Beaver Rock boat ramp.

The new croc is 2.6m long and the other is 3.5m.