Academy Award winner Greg Huglin teaching skills to the region;s students.
Academy Award winner Greg Huglin teaching skills to the region;s students.

Mary Poppins theme inspires Academy Award winner

AN ACADEMY Award winning cinematographer has visited the Fraser Coast to help young people develop their screen production skills.

As part of an Arts Queensland and Fraser Coast's Regional Arts Development Fund Creative Impact Grant, Greg Huglin's Noosa Film Academy delivered one day filmmaking workshops to eight local secondary schools.

Fraser Coast Council Arts and Heritage Program co-ordinator Emma Bannerman made the workshops happen.

"The Fraser Coast is very lucky to have a talented artistic producer like Emma," Greg said.

"She has an ability to sow a creative idea, like a seed, and encourage it to flourish.

"She inspired us to embrace a Mary Poppins theme by developing a film storyboard that included an umbrella."

Mr Huglin, who won an Academy Award for the documentary The Cove, said making a film was a team effort.

The teenagers are immersed into hands on roles as the film crew, learning how to produce, act, direct, shoot and edit a short film.

By beginning the workshop with a careers guidance movie montage, the teens also discover the range of vocational pathways within the screen industry.

"We created a script which opens with a shot of a student carrying an umbrella into their classroom and like a spoonful of sugar, a kindness comes with it," Greg said.

"That kindness is paid forward from one student to the next via compliments and acts of consideration.

"The students invent dialogue, blockout scenes and then film it with a state of the art, industry level ultra high definition 5K RED Epic camera, as used in The Hobbit and Star Wars.

"It's a $60,000 camera so it does have a bit of a wow factor," Greg said.

The day concludes with collaborative editing and then the short film is uploaded to YouTube, a useful addition to the students' digital portfolio when seeking employment or tertiary pathways.

Each student receives a Certificate of Completion along with their expanded set of screen production skills.

The teenagers are excited to see their production premiere on the big screen at an inter school event at the Brolga Theatre when it reopens.