FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Indy Jespersen and Carmel Murdoch with (back) Perry and Kym Latter.
FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Indy Jespersen and Carmel Murdoch with (back) Perry and Kym Latter. Cody Fox

Maryborough turns up steam

APPEALING to your inner geek and steampunk aesthetic, Maryborough's newest festival has already seen an overwhelming response.

Steamfesta organiser Maggie John said she has spoken to people from New Zealand, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg and Calliope who will be attending.

With few festivals and competitions the steampunk subculture has been gaining momentum and the cogs stop at Maryborough this weekend.

Maggie said she has had great support with volunteers but fears if people don't register for the costume competition they might miss out on the world record.

"We don't want to miss out on the Guinness Book of World Records," she said.

She recommends those registering for the costume competition should get online as there will be limited volunteers on the day.

"Just a week out from the event we have had 67 register - I think it is just great.

"The prize is fantastic - people are in awe of it."

Winners get a 3D figurine of themselves or a Portside pass and goody bag from Spotlight.

Everyone is welcome to attend Steamfesta wearing whatever they want, but for the world record attempt, there are set criteria.

To be part of the world record attempt, register on eventbrite.com.au/e/ steamfesta-tickets.

Creative Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) will be woven through a family picnic and the afternoon's activities, with the emphasis being on costume design, family fun and imagination.

The steampunk festivities will include the firing of the Time Cannon at 1pm, historic engine display, tea duelling, steampunk merchandise, costume competition, lawn games, bagpipes and other entertainment.

The Mary Ann and MELSA Trains will be operating, and the museums in Wharf Street will remain open for the entire afternoon.

Energetic visitors can party on with Street Party activities later in the evening at Portside Park.

Tea, coffee and cold drinks will be available to purchase or bring your own picnic.

For more details visit Steamfesta on Facebook.


Steamfesta will be held on Saturday, June 29 from 1-4pm in Queens Park, Maryborough

At 1pm, there will be a big steampunk photo-shoot at Macalister Station


A CLASSIC Victorian outfit, from a vest, corset, top hat, to an overcoat or dress, can help your steampunk look.

Accessorise your outfit with things like leather straps, belts, buckles, gloves and goggles.

Steampunk is influenced in equal parts by history and fantasy - so let your imaginations run punk. Look up photos from the Victorian era or early 20th century to help with costume ideas.

1. Think about your character - gentleman steampunk, mad inventor, or an aviator. Thinking up an interesting role for your character to play in this imagined world will make it easier to come up with interesting costume ideas.

2. Find your Victorian outfit and add science fiction - use bowties, top hats and tweed vests, corsets and dresses.

3. Punk up your costume with styles like dyed hair, piercings, ripped clothing and tattoos.

4. Use items from previous costumes, especially cosplay. Star Wars is a common thing to combine with the steampunk aesthetic.

5. Visit online and check out the costumes of other successful steampunks - most are willing to give advice and stockists.

6. Raid the op shops and yours and friends wardrobes. Old, well-worn clothing is great, because it adds to the rustic quality that steampunk aims for.

7. Common steampunk fabrics include leather, brocade, wool, cotton. Common steampunk colours include browns, bronzes, dark golds, burnt ambers, dark purples, dark forest greens, and deep burgundies. Also, dark teals, creams and just colours that appear to be greyed, worn, or rusted in any way.

8. Sew gadgets onto your costume.

9. Accessorise your costume with painted water or Nerf guns, goggles, cane or create a back pack with recycled materials.

10. Don't forget to have fun and register if you want to be part of the world record.