Glen Thomas is always looking on the bright side.
Glen Thomas is always looking on the bright side. Hayden Smith

Mates help Glen get back on two feet

HE might be missing half a leg but Glen Thomas' sense of humour remains in tact.

"Have you ever tried standing in the shower with one leg?" the 49-year-old Miles local joked.

But despite his good spirits, there's no denying Mr Thomas' life has taken a serious turn.

Earlier this year, Mr Thomas made the hard decision to have part of his right leg amputated after a large tumour was unresponsive to radiation treatment.

The father of two and QGC employee had contracted a rare and aggressive form of cancer - leiomyosarcoma - which affects about 1% of Australians.

Mr Thomas underwent surgery in Brisbane about eight weeks ago, and said he was "psyched up" for the operation.

"I was ready; I knew it had to come off," he said.

The surgery was a success, and the scars are "healing nicely".

But while the operation was necessary, it also brought a heavy financial burden to Mr Thomas and his family.

Soon he will receive a prosthetic leg, which he is grateful for but knows will bare a heavy cost over the long term.

He must make the trip to Brisbane to see a specialist every three months and could also be having weekly physiotherapy sessions until next year.

"It certainly is life changing," Mr Thomas said.

This is why his friends and family have rallied to help ease the financial burden.

On August 8, Chinchilla RSL Club will host a special fundraising dinner - A Call to Arms - which aims for Mr Thomas to "get back on two feet".

Rugby union legends Chris "Buddha" Handy and Wayne "Buck" Shelford are set to be guest speakers.

Mr Thomas, not one to make a fuss, said he "really appreciated" his mates' support.

"Gee, I guess I'm going to have to say a speech or something," he said.

To book a table at the fundraising dinner, or for more information, call Robin on 0418 555 828.