People go without hearing aids for fear of looking old

KEEPING up appearances is not more important than hearing but research reveals Australians over 50 miss out for fear of looking old.

People in this age group are also willing to put up with poor hearing even if they miss social occasions with their friends and family.

The research, released to mark Hearing Awareness Week from August 25 to 31, gauged the attitudes of over 1300 Australians aged over 50 towards their hearing.

A quarter of Australians over 50 say there is a stigma attached to wearing hearing aids.

They worry about being viewed as old and being embarrassed wearing them.

Janette Thorburn, principal audiologist at Australian Hearing, said it was concerning that people were avoiding taking action about their hearing simply because they felt they would be perceived as looking old.

During August and September, Australian Hearing is teaming up with Terry White Chemists to offer free hearing checks in stores.

Free hearing checks are available at Australian Hearing centres - phone Hervey Bay on 4194 1822 and Maryborough on 4120 8300.