MAYOR Chris Loft has fronted up for Australia Day duties as though his job isn't hanging in the balance.

Friday's citizenship ceremony in Hervey Bay was Cr Loft's first public appearance since Queensland's Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchcliffe issued a notice of intent to dismiss.

Come Monday, Cr Loft, who is currently before the court charged with misconduct, computer hacking and disclosing official secrets, has three days to show cause as to why he should remain in his position.

He would not be drawn on the contents of the submission to the minister on Friday.


"Today is all about Australia day, it's not about me, it's Australia day," Cr Loft said.

"On Monday I'll be talking to the media."

Asked if he had anything to say to members of the community who were concerned about losing their mayor, Cr Loft only replied "Enjoy their Australia day and every day is another wonderful day on the Fraser Coast, thank you ladies and gentlemen."

While he had not directly responded to the minister's announcement, a poignant post on Cr Loft's Facebook page pointed out that it was the people who chose who they wanted to represent them.

He wrote "It is great to live in a country that prides itself on democracy and allowing the public to decide who it elects to serve".