MAYOR'S MESSAGE: Growing population to create 10,000 jobs

OUR changing demographics are changing the Fraser Coast workforce.

At a recent workforce development forum we were shown data that projected another 23,000 retirees were expected to call the Fraser Coast home by 2036.

It sounds a lot but it's only 1210 individuals or 605 couples a year calling the Fraser Coast home.

The data showed that in that time the extra population would create about 10,000 jobs.

A lot of those jobs would be in the health and wellness industry. The suggested breakdown is: 2000 carers, 2500 health professionals and 600 health and welfare support workers.

About 4000 positions in sales and retail and 1200 hospitality jobs would also be created. It is an exciting time as we watch the region grow, especially as jobs are created.

As a Council we are encouraging people to think outside the box to develop new businesses - especially based on the changing demographics.

The health and wellness sector is going to be a major industry as medical and allied health professionals are attracted to the region.

As more health professionals establish here, there is forecast to be emerging opportunities for medical tourism.

Education services, to train the next generation of medical and allied health professions will also provide regional development opportunities.

I firmly believe that the Fraser Coast is more than a place where people live and head to metropolitan areas for specialist treatment.

This will only be achieved through local, state and federal governments working collaboratively with community to address the aspirations and unique opportunities of each region and location.