Gemma Clark and George Seymour at Aldridge State High School.
Gemma Clark and George Seymour at Aldridge State High School. Contributed

MAYOR'S MESSAGE: Sport important for people of every age

OVER the past week I have attended a number of sporting events.

I think sports are really important for people of all ages, but in particular for young people. They build character, teamwork and test us to strengthen our commitment and resolve.

During the week I visited Aldridge State High School to see the newly installed long jump facility that uses track from the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Year 9 student, Gemma Clark, was able to give me an expert tutorial in the correct technique that has made her Wide Bay long jump champion.

My few jumps were pretty dreadful, but importantly each time I was able to improve and learn. I can see the attraction in a technical event like this where one challenges their own personal best to develop.

Sporting activities are in this way like life.

We should live an analysed life, aware of our surroundings, and where we fit in; whilst always striving for growth and personal development.

Also during the week I found myself out on the Mary River with the emerging rowing squad from Maryborough State High School.

This is the first time the school has had a rowing squad in 20 years, and a great sight to see on our river.

On Saturday I was at the Maryborough Bears AFL grounds to watch the women's second round game.

It has been really good to see this new league go from strength to strength with such a good following.

The discipline, commitment, and self-awareness required to develop on the field, the track or on the water is not dissimilar to what is required to set and achieve goals in life.

The most important part is the first step - to take initiative and commit. I thought of this when I was at the season launch function for the Wide Bay Buccaneers on Saturday. This is the Buccaneer's second season in the state's premier football league.

The decision of the players to make that commitment to step up and compete in this higher division is so commendable and reflects very highly on all of them. Constantly testing yourself, pushing limits, and working hard is the only way to succeed, develop and be able to look back with no regrets.