M’boro candidates weigh in on COVID-19 vaccine

TWO more Maryborough state election candidates have weighed in on whether inoculation against coronavirus should be mandatory if a vaccine was developed.

Though they come from very different parties, Greens candidate Craig Armstrong and One Nation candidate Sharon Lohse agree - a future vaccine should not be mandatory.

It comes after Informed Medical Options Party candidate Samantha Packer said no vaccine should be mandatory, when addressing the question earlier this week.

"All medical procedures, including vaccination, come with the risk of adverse events," Ms Packer said.

"As you would provide consent for surgery, or have a choice to take prescription pharmaceutical drugs, vaccination is no different."

Ms Lohse said she was pro-choice on whether people should take a future COVID-19 vaccine.

"As with all vaccines, it should be up to the individual to consult with their trusted medical professional to be informed of the pros and cons of vaccinations before making a decision, precise to their particular health status or that of their children and family," she said.

Mr Armstrong said the pandemic was a huge challenge for the State Government and public health services.

"The Greens are hopeful a safe vaccine will be developed quickly," he said.

"But a vaccine must be proven safe and satisfy Australian standards before being registered for use.

"The process must be transparent and demonstrate no shortcuts were taken.

"The public must have cause for trust in the advice of health services"

Mr Armstrong said he did not believe it was necessary to make a vaccination mandatory.

"I trust the overwhelming majority of Queenslanders, who understand and value the public good that comes from vaccination programs," he said.

"We have demonstrated by trusting each other, we can minimise the impacts by heeding the advice and direction of medical experts.

"The government must extend it's trust to the public in relation to getting vaccinated."

Mr Armstrong said he encouraged people to seek out the Greens initiative for a public pharmaceuticals company to develop and make vaccines in Queensland.

Incumbent Maryborough MP Bruce Saunders said life would not get back to normal until there was a successful vaccine.

He said he would be first in line to take it.

LNP candidate Denis Chapman said the community was waiting on a vaccine so it could move forward.

He said when a vaccine was officially available, he would be doing his homework to ensure public safety.

The state election will be held on October 31.