M'boro croc adjusting to new home in Rockhampton

AS CONTROVERSY rages over whether a 3.1m crocodile should have been removed from the Mary River, the owner of the Rockhampton crocodile farm where the croc was relocated said it was adjusting to life in its new home.

Debate raged on the Chronicle's Facebook page on Thursday and Friday over whether the crocodile should have been removed from the Mary River after rangers captured the crocodile near the Lamington Bridge in Tinana about 2am on Thursday.

Several people felt the crocodile should have been tagged and released back into the Mary River.

However, others felt public safety concerns were paramount

Meanwhile, at Koorana Crocodile Farm, the reptile was adjusting to its life in a pen.

Lillian Lever, owner and manager of the Koorana farm, said the animal was released into its pen about 9.30am on Friday and had hidden itself from public gaze.

She said that was normal behaviour for crocodiles as they adjusted to a new environment.

Moving the crocodile was not an issue for the handlers at the farm as they were used to moving large crocs.

The farm would present food to the animal and monitor the food to see if it had come out, she said