M'boro low of 6.2 degrees is coldest April morning on record

UPDATE: Maryborough's minimum of 6.2 degrees at 6.13am on Tuesday is the city's lowest April temperature on record, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

"In Maryborough, we haven't seen this occur in the last 107 years," Bureau of Meteorology spokesman Jess Carey said.

"That's not to say it hasn't occurred before but certainly the time at which we've been taking temperature records there, since 1908, we haven't seen a temperature this cold in April.

"The previous record was 6.7 in 1966."

Mr Carey said both Maryborough and Hervey Bay were 10 degrees below their April averages.

Looking ahead, he said it was going to be cold all week with Friday and Saturday expected to be slightly below average with another burst of cold temperatures likely from Sunday night to Tuesday morning.

EARLIER: Maryborough shivered through its coldest April morning in at least 58 years after hitting a low of 6.2 degrees just after 6am on Wednesday.

Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said the records he had went back to 1957 and it was the lowest April minimum since then and 10 degrees below the 16-degree average minimum for this time of year.

Meanwhile, Hervey Bay experienced its coldest April morning in 16 years with the mercury dropping to 7.9 degrees, he said.

Mr Dutschke said a front crossed New South Wales and southern Queensland on the weekend and just ahead of that it brought some rain while in its wake the winds had been quite cool and south-westerly.

"The air has become very dry and quite cool," he said.

"Often the fronts don't penetrate that far north at this time of year."

Mr Dutschke said the front was more typical of late Autumn.

He said temperatures were expected to warm up by 2-3 degrees but nights would remain colder than average.

A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said the early figures indicated the temperature was a record but checks would be made after 9am to confirm it.