Miss Europe Continental contestant Alexandra Ross.
Miss Europe Continental contestant Alexandra Ross.

M’boro model bound for ‘world fashion capital’

FORMER Maryborough girl Alexandra Ross is crossing her fingers that international travel restrictions ease later in the year allowing her to fly to Italy and represent Australia in the Miss Europe Continental beauty pageant as "the face of the nation in the fashion world".

Ms Ross, who last week announced her selection, said she "was still trying to wrap her head around it".

The competition, she said, would be held in Naples - "the fashion capital of the world" - in November, with a date to be set depending on the ongoing easing of coronavirus restrictions.

"This is the biggest milestone in my career so far. It's something I thought I'd only ever dream of.

"It will be an honour and a privilege. It's just a bit of a waiting game at the moment," she said.


Miss Europe Continental contestant, Alexandra Ross. Adelaide Watson Photography.
Miss Europe Continental contestant, Alexandra Ross. Adelaide Watson Photography.

Ms Ross, who was set to take part in three beauty contests this year before they were postponed, said she has recently been able to start work again as a model and in her work with promotions and as brand representative.

She said she had never been to Naples, and would take the trip with her partner or family.

"It would definitely be very exciting, and I think I'll make a trip out of it."

The beauty pageant is planned to take place over a few days - there's a process of elimination and a winner announced on the third day.

"There's a lot of different aspects. It's about your looks, the way you present yourself and a lot about grace and your intelligence too."

She said the 20-25 contestants from around the world would each perform a choreographed routine and would be given a topic to discuss.

"We could be asked to give our thoughts on recent headlines from the news or recent events or what we think about certain topics."


Miss Europe Continental contestant, Alexandra Ross. The Photo Studio
Miss Europe Continental contestant, Alexandra Ross. The Photo Studio

Ms Ross, who is 23, grew up in Maryborough and went to Aldridge State High School.

Now living in Singleton, NSW, with her partner she said her friends and family in the area "are just so happy for me".

"And that's what makes me happiest, is seeing all of them so proud of me.

"Living in such a small town, I found myself being a lot more family-orientated and they've had a massive impact on my life and my career choices."

She said Aldridge State High had been a "fantastic" school to attend.

"They really allow you to be creative and express yourself through what interests you, which allows you to follow your passions."

Ms Ross is now looking forward to planning for Italy and following her dreams.

"The announcement of this achievement has opened quite a lot of doors for me, so it is exciting to see where those chances will take me."

On the Facebook post announcing her selection, Ms Ross gave thanks to "the brands and boutiques who have supported me" and Adelaide Watson Photography who "produce pure magic every time".

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