Drug-dealing hunter found with bunny stash

A MARYBOROUGH drug dealer's dinner plans were interrupted after police searched his house in 2017.

The 41-year-old was caught with more than 1kg of marijuana with a street value of $28,700.

During the raid, police also found 10 wild European rabbits, which are restricted in Queensland, on Totivan's property.

David Anthony Totivan fronted Maryborough District Court on Thursday charged with possession and supplying a dangerous drug.

The court heard Totivan was a habitual marijuana user because of chronic back pain.

His defence lawyer told the court Totivan sold marijuana to his friends to fund his habit.

Totivan had spinal surgery after being in a serious car crash in 2014 and was left in chronic pain.

He had been left unable to work after the crash and had turned to selling drugs because he had no other source of income, the court heard.

When Judge Deborah Richards questioned why Totivan kept rabbits, the court heard he trapped them for food.

Judge Richards acknowledged Totivan's lack of criminal history and the fact he pleaded guilty to all charges.

"The amounts of cannabis are fairly substantial," Judge Richards said.

"But it is well documented that you have, and still are, suffering from significant pain as a result of a car accident and you were self-medicating with the cannabis and selling it to friends.

"It does seem to me that a wholly suspended sentence is appropriate."

Totivan was convicted and sentenced to 19 months' jail, wholly suspended.