The old flour mill site on Kent St in Maryborough.
The old flour mill site on Kent St in Maryborough.

Heritage-listed flour mill arch could fail ‘any time’

IT'S a heritage-listed entrance archway that represents an important part of Maryborough's history.

But it's also a dangerous hazard that could fail at any time, according to the owner of the former Dominion Flour Mill site on Kent St.

Chris Moore said there were major structural issues with the archway that had to be urgently addressed, with the possibility the entry way could be demolished.

Mr Moore said a substantial amount of money had been spent looking into ways of preserving the structure, but it did not appear to be feasible.

"By today's standards it's not safe," he said. "We've been very clear and provided advice to council."

Mr Moore said the reinforcement holding the archway was rusting and unstable.

"It's nine metres high and weighs tonnes," he said.

"It will actually fail, it's just a matter of time."

He said options to stabilise the sight would ruin the aesthetic appeal of the archway.

Members of the community have shared their concerns about the removal of the structure, urging people to contact the Fraser Coast Regional Council about the matter before January 20.

Tracey Wright said she was passionate about preserving the archway.

She said as the structure was heritage-listed, every option should be explored to save it.

Ms Wright said it was understandable that the structure might need some maintenance.

"It's an 80 to 100 year old structure, I don't see that should be an excuse to knock it down," she said.

Ms Wright said with grants available through heritage funds, options should be explored to try to preserve the structure.

"The cost of renovating isn't the point," she said.

"It's heritage-listed and needs to be maintained."

In December last year, the Fraser Coast Regional Council voted 9-2 to give the company which owns the site permission to demolish the former Dominion Flour Mill and its associated buildings, subject to historic conditions.