The numbers so far for the Maryborough electorate

As of 4pm on Sunday:


Labor is leading the LNP 53% to 46%


One Nation

Damian Huxham received 7.05% of the vote

He was most popular at the Sunbury booth, taking 8.21% of the vote

Brooweena was his worst booth, attracting only 2.88%


Incumbent Anne Maddern was awarded 29.70% of the vote

She was most successful at Gundiah with 48.41% of the vote

At 17.89% of the vote, Albert was her worst booth

The Greens

Katherine Webb attracted 2.30% of the electorate's vote

She was most popular in Bauple with 7.63% of the vote

Her smallest vote percentage was in Gundiah at 0.79%


Steve Anderson was delivered 12.51% of the vote

Pialba north polling booth was his best with 20.51%

Boonooroo was the worst at 7.63%

Independent (Foley)

Voters gave Chris Foley 21.77% of the vote

At the Albert booth he fared best with 29%

Curra was the worst result for Foley at 12.17%

Independent (Wattie)

Russell Wattie received 0.97%

His best booth was Brooweena at 4.32%

The worst was Pialba where he had 0%


Bruce Saunders had 25.70% of the vote

Maryborough was his best booth at 31.37%

Gundiah was his worst with only 5.56%


In 2012, Ms Maddern attracted 35% of the primary vote compared to Mr Foley on 30%

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