IT MAY only be a small set of pedestrian lights for the Maryborough CBD, but it could mean big numbers for the tourism sector, according to Maryborough Chamber of Commerce president Lance Stone.

In fact, it's a sign Maryborough is "turning a corner."

Fraser Coast councillor Paul Truscott's proposal to replace the Heritage City's CBD pedestrian lights with silhouettes of Mary Poppins, has divided parts of the community.

Some have argued the installation of five sets of Mary Poppins-themed lights shouldn't come at the expense of $30,000.

But it's a proposition Mr Stone supports, calling it a subtle form of embracing the history that Maryborough has with the character.


Maryborough Chamber of Commerce Lance Stone.Photo: Valerie Horton / Fraser Coast Chronicle
Maryborough Chamber of Commerce Lance Stone. Valerie Horton

"I fully support it, but we've got to keep tagging other events and themes that reinforce the branding we have," he said.

"When we talk about turning a corner; there's a lot of things going on...we seem to be an area that is worth investing in, and that coupled with a change in attitude and some progressive thinking, I think we're really on our way to great things.

"(But) it shouldn't be a standalone event; we've got to have other wraparound events with the town."

Mr Stone cited the renovation of P.L Travers' Maryborough home as an example, stating it was critical to "a range of other themes" that could happen in the precinct.

"We need to be looking at this area and what we do, and say 'what can we put on' that's unique to) pull a lot of people and interests," he said.

"It doesn't have to be all about Mary Poppins."

The proposal for the new pedestrian lights will be voted on by councillors at their next meeting.

TOURISM BOOST: Councillor Paul Truscott's proposed Mary Poppins pedestrian lights for Maryborough's CBD could help with tourism says Chamber of Commerce president Lance Stone.

Cr Truscott said the response he has received from members of the public in person has been positive.

"I'm aware of the community feedback; there's been mixed feedback online, but talking to people on the street has been positive.

"They can see the benefits of it."