DYLAN Bailey was relentlessly bullied at school, but rather than be bitter, he has used the experience as inspiration for his rap music.

Now aged 24, he wants to help others going through a difficult time and will perform at local schools this Friday as part of National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

The national event is Australia's key anti-bullying day where schools make a stance against tormentors.

"A lot of my music is based on self reflection, bettering yourself as a person, and not being afraid to chase a dream," said Mr Bailey, who goes under the name MC Blitz.

"What I'm aiming to do is end discrimination and hatred."

Dylan Bailey making a name for himself as rapper MC Blitz.
Dylan Bailey making a name for himself as rapper MC Blitz. Alistair Brightman

Mr Bailey said being the victim of bullying kept him from finishing Year 12.

During one of the more difficult times in his life, he was homeless and living inside tunnels in Sydney for a year.

He discovered his love of rapping two years ago while listening to a Busta Rhymes song with a friend.

After developing a rapping style, he put pen to paper focusing on creating lyrics that will strengthen others.

"I've gone through bullying, I've seen my best mates go through it, and I don't wish it upon anyone," he said.

"I don't like seeing people go through the same pain.

"In my lyrics, I've taken shots at the Government on how there's no help towards homeless youth."

Mr Bailey has since released his first studio album Massacre and runs his own music label called RekLess Reality Music.

The young man recently moved back to the Fraser Coast after a stint in Victoria.

It was in Victoria where his music career took off, as he started doing live shows and compiling his singles.

He looks forward to putting on performances in the region, and has already done his first show at Rock Off Hervey Bay.