Meerkats at Snakes Downunder.
Meerkats at Snakes Downunder. mike knott

Meerkats are finally here

THEY'RE not the three musketeers, but Imu, Otavi and Leo are the three meerkats set to call Snakes Downunder Reptile Park home.

Arriving at 6pm on Wednesday night, the latest guests at the park have already started to settle into their new digs.

Snakes Downunder's Ian Jenkins said it was fantastic to have the meerkats at the park and still couldn't quite believe they were there.


Meerkats at Snakes Downunder: Neisha Graham feeding the Meerkats at Snakes Downunder.

He said they had finished the enclosure for the mammals at the end of April and have been able to make improvements and ensure it is correctly fitted for their arrival.

Mr Jenkins said it was due to their zookeeper Neisha Graham's experience with meerkats that they were able to have the meerkats at the park.

Karen James, the head meerkat keeper at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo, also made the trip up with the tiny mammals to ensure they settled in nicely.

"I love how they engage with you, a lot of animals might not even look at you when you enter their exhibit but the meerkats will engage with you and seemingly enjoy your presence," Ms James said.

"I've been working with meerkats for about 7-and-a-half years now."

When deciding which meerkats to bring to the zoo, she said one was dominant, another was bold and and the third was friendly.

Ms Graham said she thinks the meerkats will be somewhat of a drawcard for visitors. Snakes Downunder is on 51 Lucketts Rd.