Meet our mummas: Meltopia

1st June 2016 7:00 PM

SHE is sweet, she is strong, she is Meltopia; our mumma from Ipswich. 

Persona: The battler mum

Age: 39

Lives: Ipswich

Kids: Four kids, aged 6-17

How would you describe being a mum? Hard. It's awesome but bloody hard! It's a constant emotional rollercoaster, especially in my situation as we're a combined family. Five kids, with one we're not allowed to see. My two eldest live with their dad up the road who we hardly see.

What advice would you give to other mums out there who struggle with the same issues as you? I would just be a lending ear. People just come to me and vent. I tell them what I did in that situation. I'm from a broken family, and I didn't contact my dad until seven years ago but we're now in weekly contact. So I know what it's like from that point of view.

Tell us about an embarrassing moment that has happened to you in the past with your kids? Plenty. My first child - in Target when he was four. He was standing up in the trolley as I was pushing it and was talking away. He turned around to look straight ahead and saw a very large woman and said at the top of his lungs, "Mum, that lady has a really, really, really, really, REALLY BIG bum!" I was so embarrassed and wanted to hide.

What's the one issue you grapple with internally regarding your life and kids? Very good at self-sabotage. Kind of working through this, and have my own mother issues. Whenever anything goes wrong I think its because my mother doesn't love me. I don't get adult/daughter relationships. I don't have that outlet to talk to an older woman. I can get emotional. And my husband does month on, month off for his work and that creates its own issues. There's not a routine, or when he's back, it throws it out.