TONYA Osborne-Blake and Terence Blake had a mutual dream when they got married in 2013.

This dream came with a fairytale twist.

"We said that we wanted to live in a castle," Tonya said.

Flash forward to the present, and they are Lord and Lady of their own medieval village called Victory Village at Riverbend.

A noble deed - Going of the grid and turning a dream into reality - Victory Castle at Riverbend - Lord Terence Blake and Lady Tonya Osborne-Blake.
A noble deed - Going of the grid and turning a dream into reality - Victory Castle at Riverbend - Lord Terence Blake and Lady Tonya Osborne-Blake. Valerie Horton

Located in Tiaro, 15 buildings are already up including an Inn, workshops and old-style shops.

The couple reside in Crinklebottom's Inn, which is the hub of the village.

"When we moved in here, it was just a raw piece of land," Tonya said.

"Eventually, there'll be a castle and it'll be a 12th century Fortified Manor House.

"We hope to have some of it up by this time next year."

Terence's sister Margaret is also part of the project and she relocated from Tasmania to be closer to the settlement.

The published author has even written pieces about the village in a book called Riverbend: A Collection of Fairy Tales and Other Stories.

It is based on the real-life features of Riverbend.

For example, there is a story about Crinklebottom's Inn which features a cheeky leprechaun named Crinklebottom.

"With castles, most people visualise this massive great big stone structure," she said.

"But the actual dictionary definition is anything that is fortified.

"So technically, if we were to build a wall around the pub it could be called a castle."

Terence is a carpenter by trade and his skilled hands have been largely responsible for making the village come to life.

Sometimes he stays in character while doing the work.

"When working, I'll do it dressed in a peasant uniform, or wear the equivalent of what a carpenter would wear in medieval times," he said.

"Every castle comes with a village, so we had to go the full lot."

To the Blake's family knowledge, Riverbend is the only working medieval museum and farm in the southern hemisphere.

They hope this will put Fraser Coast on the map, especially among history fans.

Tourism aspect aside, an aim of the property is to provide the family with a simple way of life.

"I work in a childcare centre and so many families are suffering from technology overdose, but if you come to our place, you don't have to worry too much about that," Tonya said.

"We are trying to live a sustainable lifestyle.

"There are already chickens and ducks here, and we would like to also have sheep, cows and pigs in the future."

Since starting the venture, the family has got to know other history buffs in the area and can't wait to explore business prospects after more of the construction gets done.

Open days, banquets and a setting for medieval re-enactments are just some of the ideas.

"Just coming here is definitely a step back in time for a lot of people, and it's only 12km from civilisation, " Tonya said.

"Our future vision is to share this beautiful property with family, friends and the wider public who are interested in all things a little bit not so stressful."

Internet connection may be poor at the village, but their Facebook page is regularly checked with people from around the globe keeping up with their progress.

Riverbend is available for public visitations.

Just make an appointment by sending a message to the Victory Castle at Riverbend Facebook page.