WE ASKED Division 10's candidates the following questions about their candidacy and what they would stand for if elected to council.

1. Please provide a brief background about yourself, your history on the Fraser Coast, where you live and what you have been involved in while living on the Fraser Coast.

2. Why are you running for Division 10?

3. If elected, what would you stand for in the council?

4. What major focus would you bring to the council if elected? (E.g. more sustainable development, particular projects for the division, etc).

Their responses are below.

Phil Truscott


Candidate Phil Truscott.
Candidate Phil Truscott. Contributed

1. I have had a long history on the Fraser Coast. Our family has been living in Point Vernon & Tinana since 1915. I have been owner of two successful business' - Boys Department stores & Foley Truscott Financial Services, and served with many community groups and boards.

2. I am running for council because I love the job and was good at it, and I get the job done for people.

3. I would stand for integrity, and a more communicative council.

4. Transparency is a big issue, so I want to employ an IT person to publish reasons for this or that decision on the net.

5. A major focus of mine is the balance between cutting unnecessary costs while still maintaining a beautiful place to live.

Richard Mott


Richard Mott - running for council in Division 10.
Richard Mott - running for council in Division 10. Alistair Brightman

1. I came to Hervey Bay after a full working life in the life insurance industry, to assist my son with his business which he built and later sold. He and his family have moved back to Brisbane in 2016.

I have not worked full time whilst I have lived in the Bay as I have treated it as an extension of my retirement, however I have become disenchanted with what I have seen in the community regarding development and youth

2. Division 10 became attractive to me because it has been so incredibly well served by George Seymour for the past six years.

I want to pick up where George left off and carry his work onwards and upwards. I have met a lot of the residents within Division 10 and they all say the same thing - a Hervey Bay resident to represent them.

3. What I can offer the council is more than 40 years of working experience in management all around the world.

I have experience in P&C associations, Junior Athletic Clubs, Go-Kart Racing Clubs, Rugby League Clubs and many other associations.

I have since being in Hervey Bay been associated with Probus, Toastmaster, The Senior Citizens Club and am a current Committee member of the 60's and Over Club.

4. Honesty is the basis of all transactions in life as far as I am concerned. There are no compromises. We must continue to build the council back to a sold democratic office to bring this great area forward and under George's leadership, I believe it can and is being done. The past is the past and must be used a measuring stick to never fall back upon.

5. This is a difficult question to answer as without the benefit of knowing what is on the table it is difficult to project the future. As each councillor is only one of eleven people and they must act as a democratic group to bring the community forward, not a ram rod and try to push their point across the finish line. That is a sure way to disaster.

Paul Forst


Chamber of Commerce breakfast with mayoral candidates - Paul Forst.
Chamber of Commerce breakfast with mayoral candidates - Paul Forst. Alistair Brightman

1. I currently live in Dundowran Beach and was a career boilermaker welder for 35 years until a work accident a few years back, which has put steel plate and screws in my neck, basically finished my career, but it hasn't stopped me.

I currently teach children in the community who are a bit disaffected with basic welding and workshop skills a couple of days a week, to try and give them an edge for employment opportunities.

2. Friends and colleagues encouraged me first to run for the vacant mayor position because of my passion for the Fraser Coast in general, running for Division 10 is still part of that as I am still as passionate as ever and I believe I have a lot to offer.

I have done business management and accounting which will suit the position very well when also coupled to an extensive engineering background.

3. If elected I will be standing for openness and accountability, and just as importantly, stability.

4. Tourism will play a big part, to encourage people to the area to sample everything there is on offer, sustainable development is a given when maintaining the vision and expectations of the community.

Jeanette Maynes


Candidate Jeanette Maynes.
Candidate Jeanette Maynes. Contributed

1. I have lived in Hervey Bay since 1978, growing up in Urangan and attending school in Torquay. I became a home owner in 2002 and have lived in Scarness for the past 16 years.

I have also run my own successful business, Design House for over 13 years.

2. I ran as a candidate for Division 9 in 2016 and once again, my passion for the Fraser Coast has prompted me to run for Division 10 in the upcoming by-election.

Since 2014 I have regularly attended the council's ordinary meetings and have acquired a wide understanding of council matters and procedures.

3. I would stand for the community, local business and creation of long term sustainable employment opportunities.

I understand the necessity for full compliance with the Local Government Act 2009 and adherence to the five principles underpinning that Act.

4. I would like to see more transparency in council business and less decisions being made in confidential meetings so that the ratepayers and general public can have confidence in the way their rates are being spent.

Focus also needs to be placed on the viability of any future projects and community consultation on projects affecting the divisions.

We need more sustainable infrastructure, development and industries. Decentralisation of government departments would work here.

Lachlan Cosgrove


NEW CANDIDATE: Granville resident Lachlan Cosgrove has entered the race to become Division 10's new councillor.
NEW CANDIDATE: Granville resident Lachlan Cosgrove has entered the race to become Division 10's new councillor. Blake Antrobus

1. I was born and raised in Maryborough and have lived, worked and studied across the Fraser Coast throughout the majority of my lifetime.

I currently live in Maryborough to be close to the Hit 101.9 Fraser Coast studios where I work, and will be setting up home with my partner closer to my new workplace if elected.

Working as a breakfast radio announcer across the Fraser Coast has allowed me to be involved with many different people, groups, and causes across the community.

2. We need passionate people with energy and vision for the Fraser Coast on Council.

We also need listeners, who will make themselves truly available to genuinely consult with the community. This is what I offer.

I have spent significant amounts of time in Division 10 throughout my life, and it is a place my partner and I truly love.

I believe I have very strong advocacy and communication skills that will be essential for Division 10 to get what it needs on the council. I also believe these skills will be a huge asset to the entire region, for both promoting events locally and selling ourselves abroad.

I want to see the whole Fraser Coast thrive and I believe the council is where I can make my largest contribution.

3. First and foremost, I stand to listen to the community.

I am passionate about seeing our youth engaged and off the streets, addressing our high unemployment, planning for our impending growth before it happens and pushing our region's events to the next level.

4. I think that the Urraween Rd to Boundary Rd extension is a vital link for our division, considering a predicted population increase of 40,000 within the next two decades.

The popularity of our Pier Park markets has also created a need for more toilets in the pier precinct, which I will push for if elected.

I would also like to consult further with boaties and the state government about concerns regarding the recent upgrades to the Urangan boat ramps.

Zane O'Keefe


Fraser Coast division 10 candidate Zane O'Keefe.
Fraser Coast division 10 candidate Zane O'Keefe. Contributed

1. Hervey Bay has been my home for over 25 years now.

It's where I have raised a family and run a business.

I am involved in many community groups and I am the chairperson of an Independent School Council.

I am running because I live in Division 10 and I want to contribute in a positive way to our community.

2. I am running for Division 10 because I live in division 10. I think it is important that each Division is represented by someone who actually lives in the Division. This ensures it is well represented.

3. I am standing for openness and transparency in how the council operates as well as a financial strategy to minimise rate rises in the future whilst delivering the infrastructure we need.

4. We need to ensure that council operations whether it be events, or infrastructure like footpaths are focused on delivering connected communities. The Fraser Coast is a great place to live, I want to make sure the council is building on our strengths while planning for the future.

Les MucKan


Last council meeting for FCRC - Les MucKan gives his final speech.

Photo: Alistair Brightman / Fraser Coast Chronicle
Last council meeting for FCRC - Les MucKan gives his final speech. Photo: Alistair Brightman / Fraser Coast Chronicle Alistair Brightman

1. I came this way in the early 1970s, and have been working and supporting Wandiny Indigenous Youth Groups in the area for many years. I also served on the previous Hervey Bay City Council, then the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

2. Division 10 has always been at my heart, it's part of my life. All of my kids have gone to the local schools, so very much a part of my family.

3. I would be pushing the major issues for Urangan, such as improving local infrastructure, and making the local waterways clearer.

4. I can bring experience to council, being a former councillor for both Hervey Bay City Council and Fraser Coast Regional Council, and a former councillor for Urangan.

Brian Reckenberg


Sports Plus Expo at Hervey Bay PCYC - Brian Reckenberg and Lesley Brooks from Pialba Bowls Club.
Sports Plus Expo at Hervey Bay PCYC - Brian Reckenberg and Lesley Brooks from Pialba Bowls Club. Alistair Brightman

1. I moved to Hervey Bay in 1987 as a teenager. I've worked in the Fraser Coast for majority of my working life and my wife and I have brought up my daughter on the Fraser Coast. My commitment to the community has seen me hold a diverse range of positions. I was a previous Torquay State School P & C president and I am currently chairperson at Pialba Bowls Club as well as holding a position on the Fraser Coast District Men's Association. Over the years I have been involved in events such as Clean Up Australia & Mother's Day Classic.

2. I'm passionate about Division 10, its residents and the potential that the area has to offer with its tourism and hospitality business.

3. If I am elected my number one priority is to be a voice for division 10. I am passionate about the dredging of Ann St Lakes, the floodway on the beach end of Moolyyir ST needs to be raised and a foot path added, widening the Elizabeth ST and Boat Harbour DR roundabout to allow heavy vehicle access to relieve the vehicle use on Moolyyir St.

4. As a long term resident I have seen many changes happen on the Fraser Coast and I believe appropriate development is necessary for the future.

As I mentioned above I have a few projects for Division 10 that I want to see happen. My first priority is the dredging of Ann St lakes, I see this as a potential safety hazard are we come into the wet season.