Meet your candidates in Fraser Coast divisions one and two

Meet your Division One candidates.

Division One incorporates Pacific Haven, Mungar, Howard, Broweena and some of Tinana.


Les Gallagher, candidate division one: Division one candidate Les Gallagher.
Les Gallagher, candidate division one: Division one candidate Les Gallagher.

I have spent most of my life in professional media and the music industry.

Why should ratepayers vote for me?

So I can utilise my communication skills.

My key promises to Fraser Coast residents if I am fortunate enough to win the election will be to take on dog laws introduced in 2011 by a previous council before there is a child or adult fatality.

There needs to be a rural discount for rates.

My view of the sports precinct is that it is not on.

Our community's heritage needs to be left as is.

I would also like to improve public transport which will have a positive effect on local business.

I think the foreshore needs to be cleaned up and upgrades to the Howard sewerage system needs to be prioritised.

To help create a positive future for the Fraser Coast I would be committed to getting the disengaged youth interested in politics.


Councillor James Hansen is critical of Fraser Coast Opportunities.
James Hansen. File

I AM James Hansen. I'm 46 years old, married with five kids and I own a dairy farm in the western parts of the Fraser Coast.

I have been a local all my life and I was a Woocoo councillor before amalgamation.

I've been a Fraser Coast councillor for the past four years in Division One.

I would like people to vote for me as I have always stood up for common sense and fought against pie-in-the-sky projects, pushed back-to-basics approach, stayed accessible and listened to the people.

I promise to keep standing up for the basics , to fight for common sense, to be accessible to everyone, to push for committees instead of portfolios, to continue to push for fairness

Rates can be kept lower by stopping the wastage on pie-in-the-sky projects.

I voted against the last two budgets because of wastage and unfair rate increases.

I have been against the sports precinct all the way and will continue to be so. I have voted to support heritage (I voted to protect the old town site).

I will encourage business by reducing fees and charges and by looking at different economic zones.

Enough has been done on the foreshore, no more money needs to be spent there in the near future.

I'm a big supporter of basic infrastructure to be rolled out in areas such as MB and the outlying areas that build communities and create jobs for our kids.

For the future I promise to continue to stand up for common sense , back to basics approach, and to push for key infrastructure to be rolled out in areas that need it.

Meet your Division Two candidates.

Division Two incorporates Bauple, Tiaro, Cooloola Coast towns, Boompa and Teebar.


Councillor Phil Truscott leans on the Urangan sea wall that has reached its use-by date and is being replaced.
Phil Truscott. Alistair Brightman

I have six kids and nine grandchildren and I live in Tinana.

I loathe making decisions just to be popular.

I listen to both sides of any argument then with the other 10 make a decision based on the facts.

My biggest frustration is that the public usually don't hear the full story - if they did their opinion would most likely change.

Councillors get up in the morning and each day try to improve things (a key promise is to beat last years road improvements, which were in my div the highest spent in history).

I am very keen to stick to CPI rates increases only.

The sports precinct should not go ahead unless Federal funding is obtained as ratepayers cannot afford it.

But for those who have actually done research will see that 10-20 years down the track we need to plan now.

It's a dream of mine for all our communities to treat each other as family members and work together to build this region and combine each group's unique talents to have a combined force to be the best region in Queensland if not Australia.


Division two candidate Anne Maddern.
Division two candidate Anne Maddern. Contributed

I AM a long term resident and businesswoman of Maryborough and former State Member of Parliament.

I have experience and knowledge in the processes of government which I will bring as a councillor.

My key promise is to ensure that all of my decisions in council are focused on and supported and directed by community consultation.

We are one of the highest rated communities. We must hold the level of rates and prioritise spending.

The community direction is to scrap the sports precinct.

Our heritage is important but community views as to the management of our heritage must be taken into account.

Council must foster an attitude of "how can we help you" for business as it is the driver of employment, not the council.

A review of the beautification of the foreshore needs to be undertaken in the light of community comment and whether it is of the highest priority in terms of Council spending.

Spending on roads, sewerage, water and drainage should be high priorities.

We have a bright future on the Fraser Coast but it will only happen if the council supports the community and doesn't roadblock community ideas and private development.


Candidate for The Katter Party Gordon Dale listening to an response from National Party leader Warren Truss at the election forum at the Brolga Theatre.
Candidate Gordon Dale. Robyne Cuerel

I AM A businessman of many years in Maryborough.

I've been married for 26 years and I'm passionate about the Fraser Coast.

I'm a good communicator and great listener.

I love talking to the people and solving difficult issues.

I promise to listen to and work for my community, to achieve outcomes that are best for all.

While it's difficult to contain rate increases, one way is to carefully manage expenditure.

The sports precinct should be put on hold until a better business outcome is achieved.

The old Maryborough township site should be protected from development, with an emphasis on tourism outcomes.

One great business opportunity is to make the Fraser Coast the RV capital of Australia. So they can visit all the attractions across the Fraser Coast.

Careful management , great design to enhance and protect our iconic beaches is needed. For our tourists and community.

Balanced spending is needed across the Fraser Coast on infrastructure dollars to enhance all our communities.

Roads and drainage on the Southern side of Maryborough have been neglected.


Division two candidate Michael Weekes.
Division two candidate Michael Weekes. Contributed

I AM a father of five girls and a former finance worker in Brisbane and Perth.

I was born and raised in Tinana, completing all my schooling here. I left after Year 12, but returned when it was time to raise a family.

I am sad and angry about the direction this region has taken, I get it. I am passionate about restoring prosperity to our region.

I will cut fees and charges for small business, fill the CBD with shops and return to a fair rating system

We need to return to rates being charged on unimproved capital value of land, not this unfair minimum rate system that we have now. I say no to the sport precinct.

Our heritage is still largely untapped and has much more potential. It must be protected. Save the old Maryborough site.

We need to protect the foreshore as it will be a disaster if erosion takes too much land, this is a really serious issue on the southern coastline of the Fraser Coast as well.

In the future I see wonderful, vibrant region that provides jobs and quality of life while looking after our environment.