Meet your candidates running in division three


I AM currently a transport inspector with the Department of Transport and Main Roads for over 10 years and managing director of a family company for over 12 years, married father of three children, living in Maryborough.

I'm 43 years of age.

I am experienced in management and service delivery with a background in auditing, investigations and communications, training and assessment and project management.

I have a proven track record in delivering outcomes within time constraints and to budget and previous councillor in the Gatton Shire.

My promise is to keep rates and fees fair and reasonable.

I believe there should be no sports precinct. We need to re-invest and deliver resources and services to local sporting clubs where it's needed.

There should be no residential development of the Old Maryborough Townsite. I support a heritage revival of the site for a heritage village and history precinct.


I AM 50-years-old and married with two adult children.

I have 30-plus years of business and staff management experience. I'm very community minded.

My key promise is honest and open communication and to be accessible to ratepayers. I aim to be fair and honest for the whole region.

In terms of rates, we need a full audit of council assets and funds management.

We must control expenditure for sound fiscal management.

The sports precinct should not go ahead in its current format. There are too many issues unexplained and badly under funded.

Council should not be restricting business growth. We need to assist businesses to come to our region as well as to grow the existing ones where able.

The foreshore is a wonderful area for both locals and tourists alike. We do need to take into account possible erosion and other environmental factors for continued expansion and growth in these areas.


I AM a Maryborough local and former Commonwealth Government bureaucrat. I now consult to government on policy and provide advice and services to global fishing operations.

I bring skills and experience, have a passion for all things Maryborough and want to improve the environment that we currently live in.

I promise to work with the Fraser Coast Regional Council to ensure that Maryborough is not disadvantaged in any way.

At the very minimum, rates need to be capped to CPI and council spending needs to be brought under control.

The sports precinct should be put on hold.

I would prefer to see an improved and multi-use Eskdale Park.

Heritage: Maryborough's point of difference in the region is its heritage status. We need to grow tourism awareness of places like the Original Maryborough Township site.

For small business to flourish it needs industry and an economy. Audit FCO, assess and adjust the resource needs, and provide clear direction.



Marriage celebrant Paul Truscott will stand for the Fraser Coast Regional Council in division three.
Candidate for division three Paul Truscott. Contributed


I AM 32-YEARS-OLD. I'm married with three children. I have business management and multi-level government experience.

I am positive, passionate and proactive. I will listen to the people, represent their concerns and put my hand up for Maryborough.

My key promise is to be a voice of the people, for the people. I never make a promise that I can't keep.

Rate increases should not be more than CPI. And we need to reduce waste to keep costs down.

The sports precinct project needs some changes from current format. The remainder of funding required needs to come from State and Federal government and private investors, not ratepayers.

We need to encourage industry and outside business to come into our region, creating jobs, along with cutting red tape and delays. We need to be open to opportunity.

Council maintains a massive infrastructure network. It needs to be maintained efficiently.