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AFL player’s sexual assault bomb

A MELBOURNE Demons footballer is being investigated by Victoria police over an alleged sexual assault in Bali.

The Demons have confirmed the club is aware of the allegation that one of its players sexually assaulted a Melbourne woman during an end of season footy trip in September.

"The Melbourne Football Club is aware of allegations involved with the player and the club has referred the matter to the AFL Integrity Unit," the club statement said.

"The Melbourne Football Club will fully co-operate with the process and while this is undertaken the club will make no further comment in response to the matter."

The Herald Sun reports Victoria Police have issued a statement to announce no formal statement has been made against the Demons player.

The Melbourne Demons Football Club crest.
The Melbourne Demons Football Club crest.

"On October 2 Victoria Police received a report about an alleged sexual offence that occurred in Bali in September this year," the statement said.

"Police have spoken to the complainant however the complainant has not engaged investigators further and a formal statement has not been made.

"The complainant was advised that primacy of the investigation will sit with Indonesian authorities.

"Victoria Police's priority is the victim's safety and welfare.

"They are always in control of what happens next.

"The reality is that some victims come to us to have their story heard, but they may not want to go through the process of a court case.

"We want victims to receive the assistance they deserve - whether that be from us or from support services."