MP’s latest cringeworthy ‘music’ video


VOTERS were once told to cover their eyes, and they may now need to cover their ears after Member for Dawson George Christensen broke into song to defend his record.

Mr Christensen declares he has delivered North Queensland's share and provides a montage of footage of him across the electorate.

Not afraid of a political stunt, a vocally-challenged Mr Christensen sings, "well I was busting my hump in a regional North Queensland town when along came a Bill trying to put coal miners down.


George Christensen's latest
George Christensen's latest "song" is a take on Lucky Starr's I've Been Everywhere.


"So I write a little list for that blind Victorian. I said, 'Listen mate, I've got our share in North Queensland.

"I've got our share man, delivered everywhere man, made North Queensland fair man."