Meth dealer with $300K income facing decade behind bars

A SUNSHINE Coast drug trafficker who was granted bail twice and returned to dealing twice is possibly facing more than a decade behind bars.

Che Andrew Murray pleaded guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to a range of drugs and weapons offences.

The court heard he has been arrested three times for his involvement in a drug operation. He was granted bail twice - and was twice caught again dealing drugs.

At one stage Murray bought an offshore boat with cash and police estimate he had about $305,000 in unsourced income.

When Murray was arrested in July 2016 police found more than 1kg of pure methylamphetamine in his possession. The court heard the drug had a street value of $225,000-$420,000.

Crown prosecutor Vicki Loury told the court Murray was involved in "high level" and "sophisticated" drug production.

She said the "massive scale of the business" meant the operation could not have been for his own personal use.

She said Murray should be jailed for up to 12 years on the charge of trafficking dangerous drugs alone.

But the court heard Murray was a long time drug addict. A psychologist's report said Murray was an "extreme" drug addict.

The court heard Murray began taking drugs at 13 and was injecting methylamphetamines daily when he was in Year 11 and 12.

But Justice David Boddice said this could not account for why Murray repeatedly went back to drugs after lengthy periods in jail where he was regularly drug tested.

Justice Boddice questioned if Murray would return to drug dealing again when he had served the coming sentence.

Murray's defence called for a total jail term of between seven and nine years.

Justice Boddice retired to consider the sentence over the weekend. The sentencing will continue on Monday.