Carborough Downs mine in Coppabella.
Carborough Downs mine in Coppabella.

Methane gas ignition at second CQ mine

AN IGNITION of gas has occurred at the Carborough Downs mine in Coppabella.

Mine owner Fitzroy Australia Resources tonight confirmed an ignition of methane gas occurred on Friday in the rib line of an area being developed for future longwall mining.

A company spokesman said no one was injured in the "localised" incident.

"The flame was quickly and safely extinguished by the crew in that area of the mine," he said.

"Initial investigation findings indicate that the flame developed while installing standard strata support.

"The subsequent controls were in place and effective."

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Fitzroy Australia Resources has suspended mining activities in the area pending the outcome of an investigation by the company and the Queensland Mines Inspectorate.

The incident comes just two months after five men suffered horrific injuries in an explosion at Anglo American's Grosvenor mine.

A board of inquiry was launched to investigate the Grosvenor incident and other various high potential incidents.

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Carborough Downs is the same mine where Ipswich father Brad Duxbury, 57, died in November last year.

Early findings stated the miner was killed by a "fall of coal".