Midwife Group Practice needed in Maryborough

A MIDWIFE Group Practice model of care in Maryborough has had plenty of support from the Fraser Coast.

Readers had their say after a mum called for more support for expecting mothers, petitioning Queensland Health for the program.

So far the petition has gathered more than 740 signatures.

But the Maryborough mother is calling for more support for the town's expecting mothers, petitioning Queensland Health for a Midwife Group Practice (MGP) model of care for Maryborough Hospital.

Speaking from personal experience, Mikyla Norman said she had a wonderful experience with MGP in Hervey Bay in January and is all for this service in Maryborough.

"I was well looked after and supported and after my discharge I had a mobile number I could call 24/7 if needed," she said.

"I think it is a great idea and fully support it i found it much better than my first pregnancy/birth."

Leanne Loobie Gillespie was very thankful of the staff who helped her bring two two babies into the world.

"I was one happy new mama," she said.

When it comes to new mums, Wendy Jane believes they need to be taught how to breastfeed before they leave the hospital.

Josie Minehan agreed.

"I had trouble breastfeeding and got little help with it," she said.

Wendy Jane believes new mums are kicked out way too soon.

Tammy Passfield got great support from the Community Centre on Torquay Rd.