John Ashdown is concerned about safety near Tooan Tooan Ck.
John Ashdown is concerned about safety near Tooan Tooan Ck. Alistair Brightman

John slams council for poor fences at sand excavation site

MINIMAL fencing at the site of the Fraser Coast Regional Council sand excavation project on the esplanade at Pialba has raised concerns for public safety.

At his age, 71-year-old John Ashdown said he wouldn't usually bother himself with chasing up the council but he was deeply worried for people using the park and beach areas near Tooan Tooan Creek.

Mr Ashdown said when he first contacted council with his concerns they erected red warning bunting at the site the next day.

But Mr Ashdown said it was inadequate to prevent people from wandering among the huge machinery or climbing the sand piles.

"With a background in the construction industry, OH&S and unions, I know this fencing isn't good enough," he said.

"It only takes a spit-second for a child to get away from their parents and slip under the fence.

"I can't just sit by and wait for something to be killed or maimed."

He said proximity to the popular all abilities playground should have demanded a standard construction site level of temporary fencing.

Fraser Coast mayor Gerard O'Connell said council had spotters in place when the machinery was working to ensure people didn't access the site and stayed well clear of the equipment.

"Council undertakes regular risk assessments of the project and adjusts its plans accordingly to ensure safety," he said.

Cr O'Connell said council had talked with Mr Ashdown and noted his concerns.