Abbot Point Coal Terminal.
Abbot Point Coal Terminal. Cas Garvey

Adani-owned company faces $2.7m fine

A COMPANY which Adani owns faces a maximum fine of $2.7 million.

In a statement, the Department of Environment and Science said it had charged Abbot Point Bulkcoal Pty Ltd with contravening a temporary emissions licence.

The charges relate to an alleged unauthorised discharged of sediment water at Abbot Point, near Bowen, during Cyclone Debbie.

"It is alleged (Abbot Point Bulkcoal) discharged sediment water from a location called W2 - that was eight times above levels authorised by DES in the temporary emissions licence," the statement said.

Abbot Point Bulkcoal contested a $12,190 penalty infringement notice in relation to the discharge.

"Following this election, DES conducted a formal investigation in accordance with its usual practice," the statement said.

This charge comes after that investigation.

The matter is listed for mention in the Bowen Magistrates Court on October 23.

This charge is not in relation to the Caley Valley Wetlands.

The statement said no known environmental impacts occurred because of the discharge.