Mining safety alerts delivered once every four days

THE state clearly started the year on a safety kick, delivering safety alerts to the mines and explosives industry once every four days in January.

These industry-wide bulletins, usually aimed at those in heavy industry, covered everything from reminders not to use social media behind the wheel to the dangers of using a camp stove.

Despite the rush of warnings, one union safety and health representative said he had almost no safety concerns in his inspections this year.

Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union's Stephen Woods said an incident highlighted by the Queensland Government - a rag catching fire on a truck carrying explosives - was not as serious as it sounded.

These vehicles in general, he said, had fire suppression systems that automatically pumped foam if a fire broke out.

Even if it went unnoticed, he said a fire was unlikely to trigger explosives.

"An emergency response team would be called and would respond to this," he said.

"They would bring a water truck with cannons."

Mr Woods said he had no safety concerns with the mines he has so far inspected in 2013.