Miracle as two walk from Rainbow Beach crashed plane

THE wife of the pilot who crashed his light aircraft at Rainbow Beach on Sunday saw the plane go down.

A spokesperson for the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter said the pilot's wife saw the crash and was organising help, when her husband and his passenger miraculously walked back to the airstrip.

The man suffered cuts and abrasions, but his female passenger, who is aged in her fifties, was unharmed.

The man was initially treated by local ambulance officers before being handed to the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter's flight doctor.

Yesterday, the man was identified as a 74 year old from Caloundra.

The aircraft had taken off from the airstrip about lunchtime on Sunday.

The plane is believed to have experienced engine trouble shortly after take-off.

The pilot attempted to bring the plane back to the airstrip, but it crashed in dense scrub about 200 metres away.

The AGL Action Rescue Helicopter airlifted the man to Nambour General Hospital.

The pilot yesterday was reported to be in stable condition.