Miranda Kerr's son Flynn is 'very cheeky' says supermodel

MIRANDA Kerr's son is "very cheeky".

The former Victoria's Secret angel has revealed her four-year-old son Flynn - who she has with ex-husband Orlando Bloom - has a "lot of charisma".

She shared: "He's very cheeky, and he's got a lot of charisma.

"It's interesting to see the world through his eyes and the way he expresses himself."

The 32-year-old beauty also revealed her little boy shares her love of healthy and organic food and one of his favourite foods is an avocado.

She said: "He'll eat toast with a little avocado, and sometimes a little scrambled egg. I try to keep it very fresh and homemade.

"He always draws pictures and says, 'You're in there cooking and I'm outside playing in the garden!'"

And when he's not busy drawing pictures for his mother, Flynn amuses himself by playing with his favourite toy - a wooden train set.

She told Us Weekly magazine: "He has a wooden train set and right before I left yesterday, we got up really early and made the train set and made it go under the piano and all around and he said 'Ah! This is the best train set we've ever made!'"