Mirani MP Stephen Andrew.
Mirani MP Stephen Andrew.

Mirani MP faces parliament guest ban

MIRANI MP Stephen Andrew has been banned from bringing guests into parliament for six months after security footage showed the One Nation MP standing beside his guests while they interfered with the private desks of other MPs.

House speaker Curtis Pitt told parliament today that the footage was taken Saturday night and that the compartments Mr Andrew's guests opened stored personal belongings of the MPs.

Mr Andrew has made an apology to the house and accepted the ban. 

According to The Courier Mail, the footage indicated that at times, Mr Andrew was standing next to the visitors.

"I have always endeavoured to ensure school groups and the public are given access to the parliament I am proud to speak about the rich history and cultural heritage this parliament comprises," he said.

"I acknowledge that members have the right to privacy.

"I must take responsibility for this.

"Violation of a member's privacy is a grave matter."

Mr Pitt said the Mirani MP had been warned about the behaviour of his guests on previous occasions.

Mr Pitt said the members whose desks were disturbed would be told.

He said steps were taken to ensure no items were removed.