MKR journey still a vivid memory for Bay couple

OPINION: Wecan't believe it's been over two years since our MKR journey actually began!

This time of the year brings back a lot of memories and we can just imagine what other teams around Australia may be going through right now.

We had just been accepted on to the show and it was now time for a film crew to come up to our home to film a "back story".

This is shown at the beginning of every episode, to introduce new teams, so that the viewers can learn more about each team, where they are from, what they are all about.

Dan and Steph Mulheron.
Dan and Steph Mulheron. Toby Burrows

There was one day of filming in many different beautiful locations across Hervey Bay, different scenarios/scenes and then one gruelling day of interviews and answering questions.

At this stage of acceptance and filming of the show, you are so vulnerable and gullible that you do anything they ask of you.

When we think about it now, it's pretty funny, those cheeky little producers! But as time went on you learnt quickly.

The two back story filming days were hard, long and nothing that we had experienced before.

After the film crew left, we did hesitate and question ourselves - "what have we got ourselves into?" "Do we have what it takes to do this?"

But we did persist as we had nothing to lose and knew it would be a great experience - and that it was!

Right now there are normal people around Australia going through this - their lives are going to change forever and they have no idea what to expect.

The excitement is overwhelming and makes us excited for them just thinking about it.

Go for gold people!

We would encourage anyone to be a part of a reality TV show.

We have nothing but amazing experiences and memories of it.