Model’s brutally honest nude selfies


Aussie fitness guru and model Hannah Polite has shared an honest selfie with her fans just one day after giving birth to her little boy, Arlo.

The 27-year-old is one of the Gold Coast's most popular Insta-famous fitness bloggers - and yesterday she got very real with her 1.3 million followers, posting a naked before-and-after photos from when she was 38 weeks pregnant compared with just 24 hours after giving birth.

Hannah admitted it was even a "little confronting" for her but wanted to be as "real" as possible with her Instagram community and share her post-partum body journey exactly how it was.

Gold Coast fitness blogger Hannah Polites at 38 weeks pregnant (left) and 24 hours post birth (right).
Gold Coast fitness blogger Hannah Polites at 38 weeks pregnant (left) and 24 hours post birth (right).

"I was tired, pale and a little sore but so proud of what I'd just achieved the day before," Hannah explained. "The human body is so amazing, and I'm so thankful that mine was able to grow, birth and now nurture my boy."

The mother-of-two said she was in no rush to "bounce back" and will just be focusing on her family and new baby - adding she will not be exercising for at least six weeks.

"Evaliah [her eldest child] has already asked why mama's belly button 'looks funny' and why my skin on my belly is so soft, and she now knows that it's because my body created a beautiful life and that's bloody incredible."

Hannah holding her new baby boy Arlo, together with her daughter Evaliah and partner Grant Small.
Hannah holding her new baby boy Arlo, together with her daughter Evaliah and partner Grant Small.


Hannah made a name for herself when her fitness posts went viral, and while her rock-hard abs and toned bod attract an array of people, she has gone on to pick up a new set of followers among fellow mums since giving birth to daughter Evaliah in August 2016 - and now her son just four days ago.

She has documented most of her recent pregnancy journey, revealing the highs and lows, happiness and struggles of motherhood.




"I found the changes in my body quite confronting last time and was overwhelmed being constantly told that my body will never be the same and will be ruined," Hannah explained in a post on May 19. "I've been more sick this time, have put on more weight, skin has stretched further, abdominal separation, wider hips and boobs that have gone nuts etc but my body is far from ruined."

She said she's thankful to her body for growing, birthing and sustaining life and also for teaching her it was "society that ruined my expectations of my body".

"It was my baby who set those expectations straight," she said.


Fans were quick to praise the social media star, applauding the decision to be open and honest about all aspects of motherhood.

"I don't have kids but I think these type of posts of social media are SO important for women, thank you," one wrote.

"You're so brave for sharing! It's nice to see real people like you," another said.

However, she has also copped her fair share backlash - most recently when she posted what fans labelled a "staged" labour photo.

Wearing a matching grey outfit with her husband, Hannah shared the snap to her Instagram just hours before she welcomed her baby son to the world.

In the picture of the smiling family, who stood behind a newborn's car seat occupied by a teddy bear, a word board read: "Mama is in labour and baby is nearly here."

But many of the model's one million followers were quick to rip the post as a "bizarre" and "outlandish" thing to do in the throes of labour.

"Is taking the time to set up a staged photo for Instagram when you're in labour problematic?" a Facebook user asked of the snap.

"I think it's bizarre that everything on Instagram has to be staged and 'squared' for everyone to see," another added. "Surely a quick tired selfie would have been more appropriate."

However, others were supportive of the Aussie, writing they wished they looked "this good" while heavily pregnant - and praised her picture-perfect appearance before her birth.

In October 2017, Hannah admitted to the Gold Coast Bulletin she lost a lot of male followers after the birth of her little girl.

"I definitely have lost a lot of male followers and people that maybe aren't interested in babies, but I've gained a lot of mummy followers since my page has changed a lot," Hannah said.

"I think my followers have grown with me: the girls who were 20 are now 26 and they want to see more about babies and marriage."