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Woman touching her skin on her legsHair removalhair wax shave legs Contributed

Moderation is key to a happy, healthy life

WITH all eyes on Australia hosting the Commonwealth Games it makes it an exciting time to show case our beautiful Country and all it holds, especially our talented sports people.

They all look amazing and we are all in awe of their hard work and dedication, but it's not so easy, there are downfalls to leading such a physical life.


While being physically fit and active is attractive to us all, recent research suggests that exercising hard for over 10 hours a week can elevate testosterone levels in men and women.

Testosterone is known as the male hormone, but is present in men and women at different levels. It is produced in the testicles, ovaries and adrenal glands.

On the positive side increased testosterone levels help to reduce weight by aiding lean muscle tissue and increase metabolic rate.

Exercising large muscle groups and doing compound exercises such as deadlifts, weighted rows and deep squats all increase testosterone levels, which strengthens bones and aids in the production of red blood cells, and increases libido and mood regulation.

Sounds like a good thing!

However, excess training may lead to an over production of the male testosterone hormone and can lead to some negative side effects like acne excess facial hair, body odour, mood swings, depression and baldness.

If you train hard and are experiencing any of these negative side effects consult your health care professional as soon as possible.


A few of these side effects can be handled at a less worrying level, such as seeing your favourite beauty technician who will be able to help with superfluous hair removal by either waxing, bleaching or providing laser technology.

Acne flare ups can be treated by creating a skin work out, tailored to your specific needs and by using a good active skincare range such as ASAP skin care, an Australian made cosmeceutical.

Regular showering and good personal hygiene will help keep you feeling cool and fresh and ready to tackle your next work out.

If it helps you can always justify having a facial by thinking of it as "gym for skin".

As with everything we do in life there are pros and cons the secret to surviving is everything in moderation.