Sam Johnson as Molly Meldrum in a scene from Molly.
Sam Johnson as Molly Meldrum in a scene from Molly. Photo Contributed

Molly Meldrum: Celebrating an icon of Australian music

MOLLY Meldrum is an icon of the music industry worth celebrating. But the cynical among us would see Meldrum's trip to Thailand as conveniently timed for Channel 7.

The broadcaster's highly anticipated, and promoted, two-part Molly biopic premieres tomorrow night.

Of course, no one could have predicted Meldrum would fall and injure himself so badly while overseas, but his absence from any promotions has raised eyebrows.

At the time of printing, Seven had not given media any preview access to the mini-series like it has previously with its acclaimed Peter Allen and INXS dramas.

NewsCorp has quoted an unnamed source who claims Meldrum isn't happy with the mini-series documenting his rise to fame on Countdown.

If there is any truth to those rumours, well, the drama's star Samuel Johnson doesn't know about them.

The actor recently told me about sitting down with Meldrum, a close family friend, to watch the final edit.

"If he doesn't like it then he hasn't told me," he said.

"We watched it together. He was on my left and I was terrified. I think he would tell me if he didn't like it; apparently he approves."

It's just as likely the reports of Meldrum's discontent could be complete rubbish and a ploy for eyeballs ahead of the mini-series' premiere. Producers would have been spoiled for choice plucking key moments from Molly's life interviewing and befriending some of the biggest stars in pop music.

I hope, for everyone involved, Molly's story has been handled with the respect it deserves. It certainly seems Johnson's heart is in the right place.

"We tried to cover the most fascinating, interesting, colourful moments. I also think we got an insight into the man behind the myth," he said

"For anyone who didn't grow up with Molly like me - I don't remember him as a kid - then have a look at this. You'll realise how significant his life has been once you've seen it."