Molly Meldrum.
Molly Meldrum. Getty Images Entertainment

Molly Meldrum opens eyes

AUSTRALIAN music legend Ian ''Molly'' Meldrum has opened his eyes for the first time since he plunged three metres from the roof of his Melbourne home last week and fractured his skull.

Meldrum's brother Brian this morning said the 65-year-old had briefly emerged from a coma and opened his eyes overnight in response to requests from nurses in The Alfred hospital's intensive care unit, where he has been in a critical condition since Thursday night's accident.

Brian said it was a significant step forward in Meldrum's battle, but he was not in the clear yet.

''I spoke to the nurse who was on overnight and she said that he had opened his eyes and got a response in that respect,'' Brian said.

''It was a very slow response. When she would say 'Molly, can you open your eyes?' he would respond.

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