NO 1: Monique confesses she can out-smile anyone for a photo.
NO 1: Monique confesses she can out-smile anyone for a photo. Contributed.

Monique came here to win

I DON'T come here to play.

I'm here to slay, every day.

As such, I sincerely begrudge underperformers and leadership structures that don't elevate or celebrate success.


Because I don't like working for the sake of working; I like #winning.

But speaking of sport, I did play one game of rugby while I was living in China.

I had no intention to play but they were down a player and then someone found out I was from New Zealand.

Turns out that pesky Silver Fern has a reputation that preceded me.

Despite not knowing the rules (shocker for a Kiwi, I know!) it turns out that I'm quite good on "defence", whatever that means... (it basically just means smashing people).

One "man of the match" award later and I was being cheered on to drink a warm keg of German beer, uggghhhh!

So I guess you never know until you try, right?

Since that day, I've developed my own repertoire of sporting activities more aligned with my career.


I'm now proud to be #1 in the following categories:


Champagne-drinking heavyweight


Posing for photos. That's right, I can out-smile anyone - a handy skill when you work in PR (looks like those cheesy jazz dancing routines in high school paid off, mum)


Being fabulous (again, handy if you work in PR)


Whipsmart wordsmithery


Speed reading; goal digging!

I also belong to a club of professional prosecco drinkers (read: friends who also work in PR).

Which brings me to the word "team" and a tired cliche in the context of sport.

But the truth is, what's the point of winning if you're not winning together and have someone to high-five at the finish line?

This year, I'm leading my team on a mission to put Fraser Island on the map.

Obviously, our slice of paradise is very well known locally, but when it comes to putting our destination on the world stage, we are competing against rivals with much bigger budgets and better RTO support.

But, if it was going to be easy, it wouldn't be my kind of challenge.

So here's to all of the other men and women in the arena, valiantly striving and making a difference.

You're the ones who count, not the critics.