Dwayne Ferguson of Kawungan leaves Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.
Dwayne Ferguson of Kawungan leaves Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.

MONSTER: Real life boogey man broke into kids' bedrooms

FAMILY after family looked at their child's abuser in Hervey Bay District Court and described how the real-life bogey man had shattered their lives.

Over a period of two years, Dwayne Ferguson invaded Hervey Bay children's bedrooms and filmed himself sexually assaulting and masturbating over five children, aged from two to 16, while they slept.

The 31-year-old pleaded guilty to charges between October 2015 and May 2018 including rape and indecent treatment of a child. He also pleaded guilty to making child exploitation material.

The court heard Ferguson broke into a house in the dead of the night and filmed himself digitally raping a two-year-old girl.

On another occasion, crown prosecutor Mel Wilson outlined how the Kawungan father filmed himself on multiple occasions masturbating over a teenage girl while she slept, even ejaculating into her hair.

As the depraved acts captured on video were read out to the court, members of the public gallery broke down in tears.

The court heard a nine-year-old girl woke to find Ferguson standing over her with a phone light shining on her.

When she told her parents, they believed it was a nightmare until detectives called.

Ferguson was found with child pornography, including that which he had filmed himself, on multiple devices during a police search warrant.

He was identified as the abuser in the video due to his distinctive tattoos.

Ferguson sobbed as the two-year-old victim's family's victim impact statement was read to the court.

They described the offending as "sickening and gut wrenching" and explained how their child no longer liked Christmas and lived in fear Santa would enter the house while she slept.

Now, Santa's presents are left outside.

"No parent should hear this about their child who should be safe and sound in their bed. It is a horror story which has become our reality," the statement read.

The mother of another victim stared at Ferguson as she called him a "vile monster" in her victim impact statement.

Defence Barrister Jakub Lodziak told the court Ferguson was disgusted with himself and agreed the offending was "that of a monster".

Judge Nathan Jarro adjourned the matter to this morning at 11am for sentencing.