Cancer deaths are far more prevalent in developing nations.
Cancer deaths are far more prevalent in developing nations. Max Fleet

The most common cancer types around the world

8.2 million people die every year from cancer, accounting for roughly 13 per cent of all deaths worldwide.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) studied cancer incidence worldwide with the Globocan 2012 study.

The study confirmed that mortality to incidence rates were higher in less developed countries.

The below chart from Statista shows the types of cancer most prevalent around the world, using data from the study.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement for World Cancer Day:

Cancer affects all countries, but those with fewer resources are hit hardest. Nothing illustrates this better than the burden of cervical cancer. The world's poorest countries are home to more than 8 in 10 women newly diagnosed with cervical cancer, and 9 in 10 deaths from the disease.

While applauding the success of cervical cancer screening in many high-income countries, we have a responsibility to replicate this progress in low-income states, where cervical cancer remains one of the most common cancers among women.\

Today, we have the knowledge, experience and tools to protect every woman, everywhere. Comprehensive cervical cancer prevention includes vaccines to protect girls against future infection with the human papilloma virus (HPV), screening measures and preventive treatment of pre-cancers.

Where a person lives should not determine if they develop a cancer or die from it. We must work together to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health issue and to reduce the burden that millions face from all cancers.