We can all relate to this photo, taken at a nightclub in Edinburgh.
We can all relate to this photo, taken at a nightclub in Edinburgh.

‘Most relatable photo ever’ goes viral

A HILARIOUS picture of a man shouting into a bored-looking woman's ear in a nightclub has become the "internet's most relatable meme".

The shot from a nightclub in Edinburgh called Bourbon has sent social media wild with thousands of users sharing the shot from last week, The Sun reports.

A man in a checked shirt can be seen leaning in extremely close to a woman in a red top and saying something to her.

But she doesn't look impressed at all - staring into the distance with a look of complete boredom on her face.

One Facebook user, Alex Hall, called it "the most relatable nightclub photo in the history of the art".

Punters clearly agree with the description, with almost 19,000 people liking the post and more than 11,000 sharing it.

Others desperate to know what the man is saying have been coming up with their own hilarious suggestions.

One man suggested he's asking about the furry accessory she's got in her hand. He thinks the man is saying: "How'd they let you in wae a hedgehog?"

Another man thinks the guy in the photo is trying to convince the woman he's a professional footballer: "Am not a weirdo, ah actual play for Motherwell."

Since the picture went viral, the pair in the picture have come forward and revealed that they are actually friends.

They were out together at a Fresher's Week event when they were snapped by the photographer, but neither could recall what was being said.

The man in the picture, Patrick, said: "She's one of my pals from school so she's probably fed up.

"She looks like the most bored woman in the world."