IN COURT: Kurt Burgess (above), his mother Rebecca Wright and her partner Lyndon Dunbabin assaulted a man in March.
IN COURT: Kurt Burgess (above), his mother Rebecca Wright and her partner Lyndon Dunbabin assaulted a man in March. Facebook

'He thought he was going to die': Family brutally attacks man

A GIN GIN man thought he was going to die when a woman, her son and her partner unleashed a brutal backyard bashing.

Kurt Ross Burgess, 19, Lyndon John Dunbabin, 36, and Rebecca Lee Wright, 37, each pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning bodily harm in Bundaberg District Court yesterday.

The maximum jail term for the offence is 10 years.

Crown prosecutor Chris Cook said the sickening abuse of the victim on March 26 was an indirect result of months of growing animosity between him and Wright - the mother of Burgess and partner of Dunbabin.

The court heard about 1pm on that day, Wright and Dunbabin were at a Gin Gin IGA when the mother of six got into a argument with the complainant - who is her neighbour.

Judge Jennifer Rosengren said the group had become friends in 2017, however, the relationship deteriorated later that year after the complainant was accused of damaging Wright's car.

The hostile interaction saw Wright bring up the damage to her BMW sedan and Dunbabin demand the social media posts about her family be stopped.

Later that day at about 6.30pm, Wright, Burgess, Dunbabin and two other people arrived at the man's home; a number of children were inside.

Burgess led the march to the house, with his mother and her partner hot on his heels.

"There were people inside the house who heard rocks being thrown onto the roof and ... Ms Wright yelled out 'You sl-t, you wrecked my car'!" Judge Rosengren said.

She said that despite the group being asked to leave by the complainant, Burgess "charged through the gate and tackled him to the ground".

While Burgess punched and tried to strangle the victim, the man tried to get away and defend himself by unleashing the same sickening abuse on the teen.

Dunbabin then pulled the two writhing bodies apart before punching the man in the head.

To fend off the tirade of abuse, the complainant picked up a bedpost lying nearby and started wielding it against his attackers before striking Wright in the head.

"The complainant remained on the ground and while he was trying to protect himself, both Mr Dunbabin and Mr Burgess continued to assault him," Judge Rosengren said.

"(He) thought he was going to be killed."

Eventually he was able to escape to safety inside his house, but even after his retreat, Burgess continued to yell threats.

After the assault, the complainant started feeling dizzy and began vomiting. He also received other injuries including bruises to his eyes - all of which he had treated at Bundaberg Hospital.

Judge Rosengren said each of the defendants had different degrees of culpability, with Burgess being the "principal offender", Dunbabin unnecessarily involving himself in the assault and Wright's disagreement with the man providing an explanation for the tirade.

The court heard Burgess had a rough childhood and was exposed to domestic violence by his father and his mother's ex partners from a young age.He was sentenced to nine months imprisonment with immediate parole release.

The court heard the teenager smoked marijuana regularly and was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the assault, which, Judge Gren said was not an excuse but rather an explanation.

Dunbabin was sentenced to six months in prison with immediate, conditional release.

Wright, who developed a number of conditions including seizures and migraines since sustaining the blow to her head during the attack, who suffers from a number of conditions following the attack, was placed on probation for two years with a conviction recorded.