The mother has had an ice addiction since she was 13.
The mother has had an ice addiction since she was 13.

Mother of dead babies went on ice binges

THE DRUG-ADDICTED mother of two baby girls that died within a year of each other would go on ice-binges for days and then sleep for up to a week letting her children "run amok," a coronial inquest has heard.

The father of the one of the baby girls gave evidence today that the mother would, "sleep for a week, not doing anything but getting up to go to the toilet, the kids running amok.

"She will sleep until the next payday from Centrelink and then off to the dealer she goes," he said.

The inquest is examining the death of the two half-sisters known only as BLGN and DG who were three months and 19 days old when they died in 2014 and 2015

On the day BLGN died on April 10 2014 police found her in her cot which was crowded with blankets, toys, an adult-sized pillow and two bottles.

The inquest is being held at Glebe Coroners Court.
The inquest is being held at Glebe Coroners Court.

The father of BLGN gave evidence today that he had seen the mother use a folded blanket placed on the baby's chest to prop up a milk bottle to feed the infant.

The father conceded that the infant was too young to hold the bottle herself and said he did not know why that method of feeding was used.

"Just laziness I guess now that I think about it maybe she (the mother) was preoccupied with better things," she said.

The father said he saw the infant three days before her death at the mother's house where he had gone after smoking ice earlier that day.

He confirmed he was not in a relationship with the mother at the time and he could not recall how many times he had seen BLGN.

"Not as much as I probably should have being the father but every now and again."

The mother gave evidence at the inquest on Monday when she admitted to smoking ice while pregnant and then later in front of her children.

"I've had an ice addiction since I was 13," the tearful mother told Glebe Coroners Court

"I wasn't a top mum, I would change many things." The young woman, who's had two miscarriages since her daughters died, broke down as she denied statements from neighbours claiming her other children were often found hungry in the street.

"They were always fed, they never starved. I would steal food if I had to," she said.

An autopsy found no suspicious injuries for BLGN's death but the court heard a drug dealer who came to the house the night before the tragedy put his hands on the crying baby's mouth to make her "shut up".

"Your honour will also have to consider whether another person had any role in her death," counsel assisting the coroner Kate Richardson SC said in her opening address.