Marina Jackie Boubaris has had a bad run of luck since winning at gambling.
Marina Jackie Boubaris has had a bad run of luck since winning at gambling. Facebook

Mother's big gambling win goes downhill fast

FIRST she won a big chunk of cash gambling - then this young mother made a purchase that saw her luck go downhill fast.

After spending up big on almost 5g of methamphetamine - worth about $3500 on the street - Marina Jackie Boubaris decided to visit a friend's house.

Not long after arriving at the Sunshine Coast house, police officers turned up with a search warrant for an unrelated matter.

They found Boubaris's stash of ice in her car and the 25-year-old mother of two was charged with possessing a dangerous drug.

On Thursday, Boubaris's luck dried up entirely as Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth told her to do the right thing for her kids before sentencing her to 13 months in jail.

"When police found the drugs you denied being an addict, which was a false denial,” Justice Applegarth said of the December, 2017, offending.

"You deserve to be punished - I have to deter you from using drugs and I have to deter others.

"(Your) children need a law-abiding and drug-free mother.”

Justice Applegarth noted Boubaris has spent the past two months on remand on other drug charges.

He also said that she repeatedly failed to engage with rehabilitation and mental health services that were requirements of her previous stint on parole.

Boubaris, who pleaded guilty to the charge, will be eligible for parole on April 6.  - NewsRegional